Monday, September 7, 2009

New Season=New Wardrobe

Happy labor day!

Since I am swamped with school work today and totally want to be out shopping for some new fall outfits...I've resulted to online shopping for now.

I used to spend hours and hours looking at things on ebay because it was just so interesting to me how everything you could possibly imagine was on this one site. Although I've never really bought anything from there (except a gumball machine phone, and yes I am serious) I have found some super cute clothes for fall listed. belleboutique100 is where I found these totally stylish dresses!! I do realize that today is labor day and technically you shouldn't be purchasing and wearing white after today but as my design teacher always says, "you have to learn the rules then break the rules." Plus its still well over 100 degrees here in the desert so I think white is still completely appropriate.

Now don't you all go bidding on these items :)!!! I hate how the price always shoots up so high at the end of the auction. Wish me luck in my purchasing endeavors!

Anyone have tips ebay-ing!?

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