Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Spring!!! has been far too long since my last blog post. I guess things just get crazy busy during the school semester. As this semester is winding down, it is certainly time to get back into the blogging mode.

The BF bought his first house a month ago. I am soo proud of him. Buying a house at 21 yrs old is a major accomplishment in my mind. His new house has been keeping me busy and in the decorating mood! We have lots of plans in mind for this summer.

Here's a preview of some of the projects in store:

  • Modernizing this $30 Dresser from The Salvation Army: 

  •  Grow some Wheat Grass. (PS...We got these planters at target for 90% off!!!)
  •  Spice up the patio
  •  Paint! Yes, that is black paint :)

  • Reupholster this Sweet $7 chair from Goodwill
  • Finish working on the half-bath (electric blue accents to come!)
Stay tuned as we work on making this super cute house a home....


  1. Thanks for the compliments on my blog. I like having others' opinions with this sort of thing.

    Congratulations to your boyfriend (and you) on the new house! From the photos, it looks like a lot of fun and an opportunity to really express your knack for design. And I imagine that it'll keep you busy for months to come!

    Also, growing wheat grass is a good it difficult? I really like it with soy milk, but it's so expensive!

  2. Wheat Grass with Soy Milk??! That actually sounds like an awesome idea. How do you mix this concoction? I would love to try it!

    Girl if you like wheat grass you totally need to grow your own. It's so cheap and grows like a freaking weed. We literally planted ours on like a Sunday and by Thursday we had a good six inches of wheat grass. I'll post a pic tomorrow. It's crazy how fast it grows though. I've been having to give it a trim job like every other day.

    Anyways, Please keep me posted on the soy milk/wheat grass mixture!

    Thanks for reading my blog :)