Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Guy as in Christopher Guy

Along the lines of yesterday's funky furniture post I have discovered a new front runner for my favorite furniture designer. Meet Christopher Guy. I actually stumbled across his cool stuff when I was organizing my designer's business card collection at my internship today. His super cool business cards shaped like an envelope immediately lead me to check out his web page. Boy oh boy was I impressed! Guy totally takes old historical pieces of furniture and revamps them into a modern functional design. Above are some of my favorite pieces I came across (and his super cool business cards!).

P.s. I have successfully posted 11 days in a row! Aren't you proud of me for keeping up with my 21 day plan. I hope people are reading my blog! I'm really enjoying sharing my life and little things I come to love everyday. Any readers out there... leave me some love in the form of comments please!


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