Monday, June 8, 2009

Lucky Number 21

Welcome to my blog! I have wanted to create a blog for the past year and the time has finally come. I'll be the first to admit that I am horrible at sticking to things I start...I've played every sport you can imagine (for approximately a week each before quitting), began countless art projects without finishing, and put off my countless "great ideas and to do lists" after beginning to work on them. This time is going to be different. What better way to begin to stick to something and start a routine than publishing it for all to read!

I keep hearing that 21 is the number of days it takes to develop a habit. 21 whole days!?!? Oh my! As I lay in bed tonight at 2 in the morning I am committing the next 21 days of my summer to blogging each and everyday. I hope you all will help keep me on track!

I have so many great things to blog about so from today on, be prepared for my entertaining rambles about everything from shopping to designing, crafting to exercising, bargain-hunting to tv-watching, and just about everything in between!

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